Dear Huntington Beach Friends and Neighbors,

I appreciate all the trust you have put in me by electing me to our City Council in 2014, and its been a pleasure and honor to serve as your Mayor in 2017. I have learned much in my four years in office from you, the residents of Huntington Beach. I have with your help accomplished much in my four years on City Council;


Having a sound financial position for our city, with no new taxes or fees.
Worked to keep high density development out of existing residential neighborhoods.
Spearheaded the completion of "Patriots Point" to honor our veterans.
Brought forward the Huntington Beach Citizens Academy. A nine week course for residents to find out about all aspects of our city's operation. 
I created the Central Park Committee which helped me to identify Park improvements that needed funding
Leading in the bid process for the 2028 Olympics Surfing Venue 
Serving you on the Boards of the Orange County Transit Authority, to make our roads better, serving on our and the ACCOC Homelessness task force to bring resources to bear to get the homeless problem solved. 
Building a more sustainable Huntington Beach Community

I instituted a Broadband Strategic Plan, in which we brought on a wireless consultant to revamp city policies to help wireless connections for our residents
As a 40 year resident I want to make our beloved "Surf City" even better. I want to keep and enhance the special essence and quality of life that makes Huntington Beach such a great place to live. I am running for re-election and need your help. If you believe in a better Huntington Beach like I do, then if you can volunteer to help us, or contribute then together we accomplish even more in the next four years. Most of all I need your vote. So vote for Barbara Delgleize for Huntington Beach City Council 2018. You can contact me directly at