Together we have accomplished much during my term serving as your Mayor and on the City Council. The accomplishments discussed on this page include the efforts of many members of the community, City Staff and our City Council to help get positive things done for our City. Some of those shared accomplishments are listed here:
  • We completed Patriots Point on the bluff top above the beach to honor our veterans.
  • We brought forth the Citizens Academy, a nine week course for residents to be able to better understand our City.
  • We implemented several overdue projects to upgrade Central Park
  • We spearheaded our enrollment in Bloomberg’s Mayors Challenge for Huntington Beach to complete a really big bodacious goal which was to attract the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics Surfing Village.
  • We rolled out our participation in “City of Kindness.”
  • We brought technology innovation to Huntington Beach City Hall. 
  • In serving you, I serve on the Homeless Task Force through Association of California Cities Orange County to implement regional solutions to the homeless problem.
  • In serving you, I serve on the Board of Directors for the Orange County Transportation Authority to help improve traffic for our community.
  • In serving you, I serve on the Board of Directors for the Orange County Sanitation District to make sure our Huntington Beach environment is protected. 
  • We held a townhall on earthquake and disaster preparedness with Dr. Lucy Jones. I am a passionate advocate for C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) which have trained residents that help in times of natural disaster.